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Followers Become Members

As an Alpha, you have a voice and a message.   Using our tools, you now have a dedicated mobile  ’channel’ – and unified delivery of all of your content in one place.  Your followers have access to your brand and message wherever they go on their mobile device.

Monetize Your Influence

Your followers pay a monthly membership fee to become Members and access your premium channel, just like a Netflix subscription.  This monthly revenue helps you capture recurring value from your relationship with your followers and allows you to increase the value of your brand.


Your Brand, Your Content

Alphas get mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and all Android device form factors.  Your brand occupies each Member's home screen with your name, your colors, and your logo.   Your Members receive notifications and messages from you, engage with you, and your brand shines through a premium technology product.


Aggregated Social Media

Most Alphas are all over social media.  Your Channel will ingest this content, organize it, and display all of your content in one clean feed for your members to interact with.  You enjoy the benefits of open social media outside of your channel and a paywall for premium paid content within it.


Membership has ITS BENEFITS

Your followers gain membership to an exclusive club.  Most Alphas post unique content within their channel and provide exclusive opportunities for their Members within this private domain.   With features designed to encourage participation, your Menbers receive something very valuable for their monthly subscription fee.