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Sophisticated, Sexy Software

We are a technology company focused on delivering a premium mobile user experience based on unique forms of engagement. We provide our Alpha Partners with technology that is as content-rich and valuable as the brand they are building demands.

AN Advanced Mobile Application

The mobile application features a variety of capabilities to provide traditional engagement with Influencer content as well as highly interactive options not found through other applications,  Alphas have a Q&A section for direct interaction with Members, a messaging environment to directly communicate with their audience and provide notifications, and ways to organize their video content like no other platform can offer.


Management Portal & Dashboard

Each Alpha is provided an easy-to-navigate portal and dashboard to manage, monitor, and lead their program to success.  The portal is designed for ease of use – to power communication and engagement with an Alpha and their Members.  Our goal is to have the technology disappear behind the brand and message of the Alpha.


Turnkey Technology

Set up is fast. The Alpha needs only to be ready to login and provide their message.  Custom-branded apps are live and available for Members to download from the Apple or Google Play Stores within a month of a completed agreement – and the Alpha Project Team handles every aspect of the process.  All of the technology is maintained by the Alpha Project, allowing the Alpha to focus on their message and brand.